Survey of Potential Compensation


Survey of Potential Compensation

The survey of potential compensation should be completed and returned on a quarterly basis to the Gibraltar Resolution and Compensation Unit, submitted 21 days after each quarter end.

The results of the quarterly survey will be collated into a table showing firms exposure to the Scheme and distributed amongst participants.

For a copy of the template, please click the applicable links below :

Client Pooled Accounts

In addition, the Client Pooled Accounts (“CPA”) return should be completed as at end of the prior year and must be submitted to the Gibraltar Resolution and Compensation Unit, within 5 months after period end.

The CPA allows the RCU to get a more accurate view of covered deposits per institution, given that the inclusion of CPA’s within the quarterly DGS reporting may understate the total potential compensation amount.

Notes for completion :

    1. The submitted return should be signed by an appropriate individual.
    2. Signed electronic copies are accepted, with no requirement to follow this up with a hard copy. Submissions should be sent to
    3. All currencies should be accounted for, with the reporting to be translated into GBP.
    4. Unless advised otherwise, the exchange rates as published on the GFSC website should be used.
    5. Amounts reported should reflect the amounts per 'depositor' and not per account.

The FSRCC retains the right to request additional reports at any given time.

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